• “Kalite asla bir tesadüf değil, daima akıllı bir gayretin sonucudur.”

About Optimum Metal

Plays a crucial advancing potential role with 120 staff in its industry and in its Turkey & abroad projects in terms of project design, manufacturing and installation while paying utmost attention to customer satisfaction . The fully integrated divisions of OPTİMUM METAL are stated below:

OPTIMUM DESİGN: OPTİMUM METAL provides a professional approach in project design considering the national and international standards, project management and project implementation while respecting to clients expectations and demands. The structural steel, light gauge steel and reinforced concrete projects are value-engineered to figure out the OPTIMUM solution in accordance with both local regulations, national and international standards. Three-dimensional modelling is prepared by OPTIMUM METAL for each project in order to clarify all details of the structure and to prevent/minimize the problems that may occur in manufacturing and installation phases.

OPTIMUM CONSTRUCTION:OPTİMUM METAL provides turn-key services for the structural steel, light gauge steel and reinforced concrete projects. OPTIMUM METAL always has a professional approach in the design, manufacturing, installation and management of your project.

OPTIMUM MANUFACTURING:OPTİMUM METAL manufactures the structural steel, light gauge steel in its own factory that has a very experienced quality control department. Never subcontract any part of our scope is our quality principle.

OPTIMUM METAL provides entrepreneurs consulting services that base on its valuable experience in the sector.

OPTİMUM METAL Where the dreams turn into reality…


While responding with the right solutions to the expectations of the modern world of rapidly changing expectations; the peak point in success, competition and service is not the target but the initial point of our project philosophy.

Contracting, above all, is the commitment and respect to creativity under the core of the project. The breaking point of the project is the sensitivity that will be shown while the project dream moving to reality. OPTIMUM METAL aims to create an honest, principled, beneficiated to society, environmental conscious team spirit with its quality commitment.


ICONOVA our results in our steel manufacturing site located just three companies in Turkey TS EN 1090-2:2008+A1:2011 (CE) we are entitled to receive the certificate.

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